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Personal Bible Studies

How long have you desired to know the Bible and understand it better? Perhaps you wanted a clearer understanding of God’s will for your life.? Perhaps you just want to know the ways of God better so that you can know God better.? We offer you many ways to accomplish this in your life. If you live in our area, you can actively participate in one of the many classes we offer each and every week.? We have classes for all ages. So whether you are single or married…on your own or have a family…young or old…male or female…adult, child or teen… you can actively engage in a class and through loving, godly instruction grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God’s word, God’s will and God himself.

We also offer you another option for bible study that you can do on your own, wherever you are and on your own time schedule.? You can use e-mail, the internet or the postal service to go through your own personal bible study with a personal study helper.? You can study the material which will explain the message of the Bible in clear and interesting ways.? You will take tests to see how well you understood the material and get feedback from your study helper.? There are numerous courses you can take and with the completion of each course you will earn a personal certificate of achievement.

These courses are offered by a trusted organization called World Bible School. This organization started offering these lessons all over the world in 1973.? Over 26,000 people go through their courses every year.? These courses are offered to you for free and you go through them at your own pace. So if you want to engage in some wonderful, exciting and enlightening studies of the Bible, click on the link for World Bible School below and begin your own journey of discovery into God’s word, the Bible.

Learn more about WBS by visiting their website at