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Our Missions

Our missions reach far beyond our community to serve God’s people across the country and around the world. The? church of Christ in Matteson exists to honor and glorify God. Because of Jesus Christ’s love and sacrifice for us, we desire to be a people united with Him in love, teaching and serving others.? We share with you information about different missions we support in various ways.? Perhaps you will have a burden for one, some or all of them and thus help carry on some good works.

This particular mission is perhaps an opportunity for you.? We try to encourage everybody to read the Bible, to study it and to learn God’s will for his or her life.? You can sign up for free Bible studies that you can go through at your own pace and in whatever location you desire.? You will get a personal teacher who will correspond with you and?assist you.? So if you have been feeling a desire or deep conviction to understandthe Bible better this is a great opportunity.? We hope you will take advantage of it.